Scheduling an inspection

To minimize inspection costs, we work with local and regional inspectors and bundle your inspection with nearby operations whenever possible.

How will an inspector be selected for my farm or food business?

Following an initial review of your OSP, we will select an inspector with the appropriate, availability, training and experience to inspect your operation’s activities.

As an applicant or renewing client, when will my inspection be scheduled?

You will receive a confirmation letter or email — typically within two to three weeks of completion of your initial review — with the contact information and a date range to schedule the inspection. The Inspections Team will contact you to schedule the inspection within 30 days of the confirmation notice. If you have not been contacted within this time, you can reach out to the Inspections Team at

What happens if I need to cancel my inspection?

We understand that things beyond our control happen. Whenever possible, contact us as soon as you know you won’t be able to do the inspection. For cancellations of one week or less prior to a scheduled date, we typically will charge for the inspector’s pre-inspection prep time, reimbursable expenses the inspector has incurred, as well as an administrative fee of $100 USD. If you experience an emergency or disaster, please contact our Inspections Team at

If I pay for expedited services, when will my inspection be scheduled?

We will work to secure an appropriate inspector for your operation upon receipt of payment of the certification and/or expedited fees for land or facility additions. We cannot begin the search for an inspector until both fees have been paid. If you are a current client and have already paid your yearly certification fee, you will only be required to submit payment of the expedited fee. For new applicants, an expedited request still requires completion of an initial review.

Is there a difference in inspection costs for expedited requests?

It’s likely that the cost of inspection for expedited requests will be higher than normal due to shortened timeframes to arrange inspector travel.

Who do I contact if I have issues contacting my inspector?

You may contact our Inspections Department at any time with questions at or (541) 237-7108.

What options are available if I object to my assigned inspector?

We will request you submit your objection(s) in writing to Acceptable objections include but are not limited to: unprofessional encounters with the inspector, a previous relationship outside of a defined conflict of interest area (e.g. a former neighbor, etc.), or the inspector having commercial interests in your operation. The Inspections Department will review your objections and provide counsel regarding all of our available options, including potential reassignment of the inspection.

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