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How do I update the contact information for my operation?

OTCO strongly prefers to have a paper trail to document contact change information. If possible, an approved contact from the operation should complete the contact change form or submit a written request to update the contact information and email it to their client services team.

If submitting a written request or the contact change form is not possible, the primary contact for the operation may call their client services team to make the change. Identity verification information will be required.


Changing the legally responsible contact requires more than supplying a contact change request. Be in touch with your client services team to discuss the appropriate steps to make this change.

Can I add additional contacts?

For security, only one contact (primary) is allowed for certified operations. The primary contact will receive all official OTCO communications.

Additional contacts are the approved people at your organization that OTCO is able to share information with. Additional contacts are also authorized to make changes to the company’s file. We will never share information with anyone not listed as a primary or additional contact.

What information do additional contacts have access to?

Anyone listed as a contact on the company’s account is able to access and edit all of the information within the company’s file. This includes sensitive information such as formulations, suppliers, materials, sales records, etc.

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