Update crop list or rotation

It’s important to keep your crop list and crop rotations updated in your Organic System Plan (OSP). If your crops or crop rotations do not match your OSP, you are at risk for noncompliance.

What information do I need to request an update for crops or crop rotation?

Think through any related changes for crop updates — e.g., crop rotations, seeds, buffers, etc. — that you will need to include in your update request.

We will require the following information to update (either add or remove) your crop list and crop rotation:

  • Parcel(s) information (e.g., acreage, organic vs. transitional, all crops to be grown in location)
  • Crop rotation updates (C4)
  • Seed, seedlings, planting stock and transplant updates (e.g., using new seed treatments, etc.) and commercial availability as needed (C3 and C11)
  • Name of your certified operation

How do I update my crop list or crop rotation?

To request the addition of a crop or make changes to your crop rotation, fill out the forms below to update your OSP.

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