Using non-organic ingredients for NSF/ANSI 305

Can I use non-organic ingredients in my product?

Yes. The NSF/ANSI 305 standard allows for a limited number of non-organic ingredients to be used in your personal care product, providing:

  • Non-organic ingredients make up no more than 30 percent of the product composition
  • Non-organic ingredients were not produced using organic excluded methods
  • Non-organic ingredients are on the USDA NOP’s National List of allowed materials (unless it is exclusively allowed for use in food applications)
  • Non-organic ingredients are a non-organic agricultural input
  • Non-organic ingredients are botano-chemicals


Certain non-organic ingredients allowed in the NSF/ANSI 305 standard are not allowed in the USDA NOP standard. Detail which standard the ingredient is from on your Master Ingredient List.

What documentation do I need for allowable non-organic ingredients?

Start by submitting a manufacturer completed NSF/305 ANSI Questionnaire. Depending on the non-organic ingredient you are using, you will need to submit supporting documentation.

You will need to demonstrate an organic version is unavailable by completing a Commercial Availability Form for certain non-organic ingredients:

  • All non-organic ingredients with commercial availability restrictions
  • All non-organic ingredients created by saponification, transesterification, or hydrolysis
  • All botano-chemical ingredients

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