National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s statement on racial equity

June 9, 2020

For over 10 years, Oregon Tilth has been a member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC). Through NSAC, we’ve supported advocacy for sustainable food and farming alongside many other incredible organizations.

NSAC is committed to a racially just and equitable food and farm system. We’re proud that our coalition is challenging inequities and working to elevate sustainable agriculture as a leader for racial equity. NSAC recently shared a statement on racial equity and its membership’s commitment to taking action:

Because of our commitment to a racially just and equitable food and farm system, we are working strategically and collaboratively to:

  • Build a racial equity lens into our organization’s strategic planning, policy and priority setting process, and issue committee strategy and implementation work;
  • Build pathways to increase participation and leadership of organizations with diverse constituencies in our coalition, and amplify the voices of diverse participants within the broader movement;
  • Actively challenge policies that perpetuate systems of oppression and inequities in the food and farm system;
  • Engage in and support the efforts of organizations led by those most affected by food and farm system inequities and strengthen our role as an effective ally to food justice, farmer/ rancher of color, and farm/ food worker organizations; and
  • Create an ongoing, intra-coalition dialogue to explore key concepts including cultural, structural and institutional racism, white privilege, racial equity, and allyship, especially in regard to the context of these issues in food and farming systems.

We’ll continue to show up and support our collective work in pursuit of these goals to address equity issues that impact farmers, ranchers, workers, and communities.

See full statement at NSAC

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