Strengthening Organic Enforcement with New Standardized Organic Certificates

March 15, 2024

Get ready for a groundbreaking update in our certification process. Starting the week of March 18, 2024, OTCO will be issuing new standardized National Organic Program (NOP) organic certificates. Don’t worry, this change won’t disrupt your business or any other certification programs you’re enrolled in with us.

Here’s what you need to know:

All certifiers are mandated to generate new standardized NOP organic certificates within the NOP’s Organic Integrity Database (OID). These certificates will be readily accessible on each Operation Profile page in the Organic Integrity Database.

OTCO operations can still conveniently view and download their organic certificates in MyOTCO. We will transfer all files over starting next week, so stay tuned!

The new standardized certificate issued from the OID will serve as your primary scope certificate, showcasing essential details such as your operation’s name, address, scopes, and dates. Expect to receive a fresh NOP organic certificate if there are any changes to your operation that necessitate a certificate update, like adding a new scope to your certification or a change in address.

Say goodbye to Organic System Plan Summaries! The newly crafted NOP Certificate of Operation Addendum will take their place, offering detailed insights into your operation, including certified crops, products, animals, and international compliance under trade arrangements. This addendum will be issued following inspection reviews or any changes you make to your operational details.

If you’re involved with or purchasing organic products from USDA NOP certified operations, you’ll gain access to their certificates in the Organic Integrity Database after March 20, 2024. This might alter your supplier verification processes. You’ll no longer need to hassle your suppliers for NOP certificates directly; instead, you can access them yourself in OID. However, keep in mind that OID may not cover all necessary details, such as brands or international compliance. If you require more comprehensive information, don’t hesitate to request the NOP Certificate of Operation Addendum.

Embrace these enhancements as we pave the way for a more transparent and efficient organic certification process. Let’s grow together in the realm of organic integrity!

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