Proven programs, not false hopes — engaging farmers in climate solutions

January 6, 2021

The climate crisis and our food security depends on real climate solutions in agriculture. Farmers deserve to be paid for the trust costs of adopting organic practices that offer real climate solutions. 

The Hill recently published an op-ed by Oregon Tilth’s executive director, Chris Schreiner and Jeanne Merrill, policy director for the California Climate & Agriculture Network.

The piece focuses on how best to engage farmers for real climate solutions and expand a marketplace where consumers can support certified organic practices that build healthy soil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon.

We can meet the challenge of the climate crisis by scaling up and expanding well-established USDA conservation and organic programs. By providing the research, technical assistance and financial incentives, we will better meet the needs of farmers and the environment. And we can do this work in a way that supports farmers most vulnerable to the climate crisis: small, mid-scale farmers, farmers of color — farmers who are often underserved and left behind. We advance agricultural solutions to the climate crisis in ways that deliver equity and real benefits.


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