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Alpha Aromatics, Inc.

Alpha Aromatics, Inc.

Client ID: OT-000247

294 Alpha Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15238
United States

Contact: Corey Nee

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NOP Handling Certified


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Product - Fragrances
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Misc - Fragrance Blend4736-1NOP-Handling100% Organic
Product - Oils_Oleoresins
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Essential Oils - Peppermint Essential OilNOP-Handling100% Organic
Oils - Grapefruit OilNOP-Handling100% Organic
Oils - Lavender OilNOP-Handling100% Organic
Oils - Spearmint OilNOP-Handling100% Organic

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  1. Improve your soil health: Organic No-Till Symposium

    February 24 - 25, 2021