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Bandon Black Moon Farms, LLC

Bandon Black Moon Farms, LLC

DBA Black Moon Farms
Client ID: OT-018496

86814 Sydnam Lane
Bandon, Oregon 97411
United States

Contact: Nick Kelly

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US/Canada Equivalence Crop Certified
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Crop -
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Fruit - Aronia BerryUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Fruit - Aronia BerryNOP-Crop100% Organic
Fruit - BlueberryUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Fruit - BlueberryNOP-Crop100% Organic
Fruit - CranberryUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Fruit - CranberryNOP-Crop100% Organic
Nuts - ChestnutUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Nuts - ChestnutNOP-Crop100% Organic