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BioDynamics LLC

BioDynamics LLC

Client ID: OT-031922

18555 SW Teton Ave
Tualatin, Oregon 97062
United States

Contact: Justina Alvarado

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BioDynamics LLC 551 Hwy 20 S
Hines, Oregon 97738 United States

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NOP Handling Certified
US/Canada Equivalence Handling Certified


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Product - Livestock Feed
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Grains - Mixed Feed GrainsBulk Grain Mix PelletNOP-HandlingOrganic
Hay - Livestock Feed - AlfalfaAlfalfa CubeNOP-HandlingOrganic
Pelletted - Livestock Pellets - AlfalfaAlfalfa/Grass Pellet MixNOP-HandlingOrganic
Pelletted - Livestock Pellets - AlfalfaNOP-HandlingOrganic
Pelletted - Livestock Pellets - AlfalfaNOP-HandlingOrganic
Product - Pet Products
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Pet Food - Misc Pet foodAll In One Seed MixNOP-HandlingOrganic
Pet Food - Misc Pet foodNapoleon's Seed MixNOP-HandlingOrganic
Pet Food - Misc Pet foodPellets for ParrotsNOP-HandlingOrganic
Pet Food - Misc Pet foodParrot Food (pellets for all size hookbills, small hookbills, and mini hookbills)NOP-HandlingOrganic