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High Caliber Processing

High Caliber Processing

Client ID: OT-034589

14655 Libby Ln. SE
Jefferson, Oregon 97352
United States

Contact: Jeremy Zuidema

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High Caliber Processing 1055 S. Pacific Hwy
Rickreall, Oregon 97371 United States

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Standard Service Type Status Service Expires
NOP Handling Certified
US/Canada Equivalence Handling Certified


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Product - Bean_Pulses Products
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Beans - SoybeansNOP-HandlingOrganic
Beans - SoybeansUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Product - Farm Products
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Seed - Sunflower SeedsNOP-HandlingOrganic
Seed - Sunflower SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Product - Grain Products
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Grains - CanolaNOP-HandlingOrganic
Grains - CanolaUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Grains - FlaxNOP-HandlingOrganic
Grains - FlaxUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Canola MealNOP-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Canola MealUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Flax seed MealNOP-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Flax seed MealUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Soybean MealUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Soybean MealNOP-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Sunflower MealUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Meal_Midds - Sunflower MealNOP-HandlingOrganic
Product - Oils_Oleoresins
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Oils - Canola OilNOP-HandlingOrganic
Oils - Canola OilUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Oils - Flaxseed OilUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Oils - Flaxseed OilNOP-HandlingOrganic
Oils - Soybean OilNOP-HandlingOrganic
Oils - Soybean OilUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Oils - Sunflower OilUS/Canada Equivalence-HandlingOrganic
Oils - Sunflower OilNOP-HandlingOrganic

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