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Wolf Gulch Farm, LLC

Wolf Gulch Farm, LLC

Client ID: OT-011088

7000 Little Applegate Rd
Jacksonville, Oregon 97530
United States

Contact: Tom Powell

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US/Canada Equivalence Crop Certified
NOP Crop Certified


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Crop -
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Fruit - AppleUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Fruit - AppleNOP-Crop100% Organic
Fruit - GrapeNOP-Crop100% Organic
Fruit - GrapeUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Fruit - PearNOP-Crop100% Organic
Fruit - PearUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Fruit - PlumUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Fruit - PlumNOP-Crop100% Organic
Misc. Crops - Cover CropNOP-Crop100% Organic
Misc. Crops - Cover CropUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Misc. Crops - FallowUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Misc. Crops - FallowNOP-Crop100% Organic
Misc. Crops - Seeds (See Farm Products for list)US/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Misc. Crops - Seeds (See Farm Products for list)US/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Misc. Crops - Seeds (See Farm Products for list)NOP-Crop100% Organic
Misc. Crops - Seeds (See Farm Products for list)NOP-Crop100% Organic
Nuts - ChestnutUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Nuts - ChestnutNOP-Crop100% Organic
Nuts - WalnutUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Nuts - WalnutNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - BeetNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - BeetUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - BroccoliNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - BroccoliUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - CabbageNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - CabbageUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - CarrotNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - CarrotUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - CauliflowerUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - CauliflowerNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - CeleriacUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - CeleriacNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - CollardNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - CollardUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - CornNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - CornUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - KaleUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - KaleNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - LeekUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - LeekNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - ParsnipUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - ParsnipNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - PotatoNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - PotatoUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Vegetables - Winter squashNOP-Crop100% Organic
Vegetables - Winter squashUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Product - Farm Products
ProductTrade NameServiceCertification
Seed - Chard SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Chard SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Corn SeedsPopcornNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Corn SeedsPopcornUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Corn SeedsFlourUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Corn SeedsFlourNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Lettuce SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Lettuce SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Onion SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Onion SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Pak ChoiNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Pak ChoiUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Parsnip SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Parsnip SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Pepper SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Pepper SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Radish SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Radish SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Tomato SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Tomato SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Tomato SeedsGrapeNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Tomato SeedsGrapeUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Tomato SeedsCherryUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Tomato SeedsCherryNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Winter Squash SeedUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic
Seed - Winter Squash SeedNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Zinnia SeedsNOP-Crop100% Organic
Seed - Zinnia SeedsUS/Canada Equivalence-CropOrganic

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