Animal health records

Health records support your health care plans for animals per your OSP.

How should I document health records for animals?

One approach is to keep a record sheet for each individual animal or animal groupings with individual animal identifiers. Identifiers such as an ear tag or band match to records, allowing clear traceability of the animal through its life cycle.

What information do I need to keep for individual animal health records?

After adapting to meet your unique needs, an individual animal record offers a simple, single location to document birth or hatching records, source history, vaccinations, health care treatments, physical alterations or culling/mortality information.

When do I need to update an animal health care record?

Any time an animal receives health care, your records must include the animal, dose, reason, age, material, and date. You’ll need to support your records with documentation of the materials, typically receipts and labels.

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