Veteran and education fee waivers

Does OTCO offer any discounts to certification fees?

OTCO offers certification fee waivers for education programs and veteran-owned farms.

Veteran-owned farms
Veteran-owned farms with documentation of primary ownership by a military veteran are exempt from all certification base fee. New applicant and inspection costs will still apply.

OTCO is partnering with the Farmer Veteran Coalition(FVC) to extend fee waivers to all FVC members and is in pursuit of supporting education opportunities for farmer veterans.

Education farms
Farms demonstrating exclusive use for public research, education, and benefit are eligible for exemption from all certification base fees. New applicant and inspection costs will still apply.

Are other reimbursements available for the remaining fees?

All of these fees (new applicant, inspection, expedited) are eligible for reimbursement via the National Organic Certification Cost Share Program.

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