Expedited services

Can I expedite my certification?

For new applicants or clients wishing to facilitate the addition of a new field, site, or facility on a compressed timeline, OTCO offers the option for expedited services.

The flat fee for expedited services (see Fee Schedule) will be charged in addition to a certification fee, inspection fee and — if applicable — a new applicant fee. Payment for expedited services is expected at the time of a new application submission or added service request.

How much does expedited certification cost?

A flat fee of $3,000 for expedited services is charged in addition to the certification service fee, inspection fee and, if applicable, new applicant fee. If applying for multiple certification services, such as farm and processing, the flat expedited service fee applies to each requested certification.

What is offered with the expedited fee?

As part of our expedited services process, OTCO provides the following:

  • The application receives expedited attention for initial review and processing
  • OTCO will secure an inspector immediately and inspection will occur as soon as possible
  • The inspection report will be submitted within two (2) business days
  • OTCO will review the inspection report within three (3) business days
  • A summary of issues and concerns will be communicated following OTCO review, if necessary
  • Certification will be awarded immediately upon completion of a clean review process

Does one fee cover all my applications?

No, if you are applying for certification under multiple scopes of certification — e.g., as a farm and a processor — the flat expedited service fee applies to all scopes of certification that you wish to expedite.

Can I request an exact date of certification?

Expedited service does not guarantee delivery of certification by a certain date. OTCO reserves the right to refuse service for expedited requests based on administrative capacity. In all cases where expedited services are requested, we will provide a timely response regarding our ability to meet the request.

Can I request expedited service for product additions and/or label reviews?

Yes. If you need a faster timeline, we provide expedited product and/or label reviews for $350 per request. Rush review does not guarantee approval and we will provide notice to all expedited requests within two (2) business days.

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