Fee schedule

How are my certification fees assessed?

OTCO bases all certification fees on your type of operation as outlined in the Oregon Tilth Fee Schedule.

In general, there are two main fee types for certification and each is dependent on the services requested: the annual certification fee and the inspection fee.

OTCO-certified clients
Annual certification fees for certified operations are based on the gross income of certified products — there is a fixed fee for new applicants, depending on activities — and are determined using the fee schedule chart below in the OTCO fee schedule document.

New applicants
Depending on activities, new applicants have a fixed fee rather than a fee based on the gross income of certified products. Additionally, there is a one-time new applicant fee.

Bee Better
OTCO has partnered with The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation to create Bee Better Certified™. The certification program identifies and celebrates farmers and businesses that adopt farm management practices that support pollinators.

OPT Grass-Fed Organic
OTCO, in cooperation with Earth Claims LLC, and The Organic Plus Trust (OPT) provides OPT Certified Grass-Fed Organic certification to organic farmers and handlers with grass-fed livestock products.

The program builds on the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program. OTCO-certified organic farmers and handlers are eligible to receive a flat rate fee ($350) in addition to annual certification or certification application fees.

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