Harvest and production

Harvest records demonstrate what, how much, when and where you harvested crops on your farm. Additionally, you must document post-harvest activities such as storage and transportation. The creation of a harvest log will address these major questions during an inspection or certifier review.

What information should be included in a harvest (log) record?

While the harvest log will be customized to your farm, you may want to incorporate additional recordkeeping requirements here, or maintain them separately. In general, you’ll want to maintain at least the following info:

  • Harvest date
  • Harvest lot number
  • Field ID
  • Crop/variety
  • Quantity harvested
  • Storage/sale location

What post-harvest records should I keep?

It’s important to maintain records of the harvest equipment used and clean out schedules and activities. The storage of harvested crops must be documented for container cleanout and location. And finally, the transportation of harvested crops must be recorded for commingling prevention, schedule, etc.

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