Understanding organic crop certification

# Transitioning farmland to organic

A complete round-up of FAQs on the process of transitioning farmland to organic production and all of the requirements for eligibility throughout the transition process.

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# Seed and plant stock

An overview of the requirements for sourcing organic seed and plant stock, including information about recordkeeping and commercial availability documentation.

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# Labeling farm products

A look at the requirements for labeling of organic crop products for wholesale and retail sales.

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# Farm inputs and materials

Covers special considerations and scenarios for crop producers using materials, including treated wood, manure, fertilizers and seed.

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# Preventing contamination

An overview of common scenarios to prepare strategies and plans for to avoid contamination of organic crops and agricultural goods, such as buffer zones with neighboring non-organic farms, management of farm equipment and structuring storage areas.

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# Biodiversity requirement

Common questions regarding documentation and resources for opportunities to fulfill biodiversity requirements on farms.

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# Pest, weed and disease management

A review of the requirements and process for managing pest and weed pressures on crop production.

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# On-farm processing

A summary of processing and handling activities covered by crop certification as well as review of activities requiring additional certification.

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# Recordkeeping for farms

Common questions and a guide for major documentation requirements for crop certification, including field activities, harvest records, crop audits, seed sourcing and materials.

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