Organic livestock recordkeeping templates

Getting started with recordkeeping can be a big task. In addition to setting up how you want to organize your records, having good templates that cover all of the necessary information is key.

Where can I find organic livestock recordkeeping templates?

The USDA and ATTRA have made several recordkeeping templates available for use on your farm.

Recordkeeping Templates for Organic Livestock Farmers (USDA)
Templates include: livestock list, livestock feeding record, additive and supplement record, grazing days record, pasture rotation and animal movement record, ruminant dry matter intake record, dry matter intake calculation sheets, livestock health records, livestock materials list, temporary confinement record, and more.

Organic Livestock Recordkeeping Templates (ATTRA)
Templates include: pasture activity log, pasture inputs log, organic seed and sprig records, compost production record, fertility and soil monitoring log, weed and pest control log, equipment sanitation log, livestock inventory record, record of purchased animals, individual animal health record, breeding record, outdoor access record, pasture access record, organic livestock sales record, slaughter and product sales record, egg packing and sales records, feed ration record, feed storage record, pest control activities record, feed supplements record, health care products list, and sanitizer(s) inventory.

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