Preventative care for animal health

The use of preventative practices to promote animal health is central to organic production. Only after preventative practices and veterinary biologics are inadequate may synthetic medications be administered.

How do I make a preventative care plan for my livestock?

OTCO will review your Organic System Plan to ensure your preventative practices are adequate to promote good animal health. Start with the six preventative health care practices outlined in the USDA National Organic Program standards:

  • Choose species and types of livestock best suited for your region’s conditions, diseases and parasites
  • Provide a feed ration designed to meet your animals’ nutritional requirements
  • Establish appropriate housing, pasture conditions, and sanitation practices
  • Provide conditions for exercise, freedom of movement, and reduction of stress appropriate to the species
  • Perform physical alterations as needed to promote the animal’s welfare, minimizes pain and alleviates stress
  • Administer vaccines and other veterinary biologics as appropriate

What happens if, despite preventative care, my animals get sick?

If preventative practices prove inadequate, you will need to follow all restrictions for medications and antibiotics, as explained below.

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