Crop recordkeeping requirements

Your recordkeeping system demonstrates where promise and practice meet for compliance with organic standards. The annual inspection reviews every aspect — from weed management to contamination prevention — of organic crop production. Our ability to easily audit and trace all certified organic crop products maintains the integrity of your farm and enables quick action if issues occur.

What basic requirements are needed for recordkeeping?

Each farm’s recordkeeping system will be different. You must maintain documentation — your Organic System Plan outlines recordkeeping strategies, management, and storage — that demonstrates all requirements are being met. Additionally, a few core practices are needed:

  • Records are easily accessible on-site for inspection
  • Documentation must be adapted to reflect your operation
  • All records must be clear, well-organized and auditable

How long do I need to keep records for?

All records related to your organic product need to be stored for at least five years.

What records do I need to keep?

You will need to keep records of all of your major farm activities and practices. Check out the other articles in this section for examples of records required by activity, as well as our collection of recordkeeping templates.

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