Can I co-store organic and non-organic products?

Yes. This is considered a “split operation,” or a facility that handles organic and non-organic products in one location.

When storing organic and non-organic products, you must prevent all organic product(s) from coming into contact with prohibited materials (e.g., sanitizers, pest control substances, etc.) or from commingling with non-organic product(s).

Can I store organic products in an uncertified facility?

If your product is packaged in a sealed, tamper-evident container and clearly labeled prior to storage, you may be able to use an uncertified storage facility. Your product can’t be processed while on-site at the non-certified facility. This includes no repackaging, relabeling, or introducing atmospheric modifiers such as ethylene.

The uncertified storage facility must fill out an Independent & Off-Site Storage (IS) form. The use of off-site storage locations must be disclosed in your Organic System Plan (OSP).

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