Understanding organic processors and/or handlers certification

# Sourcing and using ingredients

An overview of the ins and outs of product ingredients, including sourcing of organic (and eligible non-organic) ingredients and prohibited materials.

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# Requirements for multiple ingredient products

A summary of allowed and prohibited processes, as well as common questions regarding calculating the organic percentage of a product and required documentation.

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# Labeling and packaging

Requirements and processes for labeling and packaging of different NOP organic products and how to add or change a label.

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# Sanitation and preventing contamination

A summary of common scenarios and requirements for prevention of contamination of organic products in processing, including storage, transportation, equipment and pest management.

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# Brand owners, marketers, and brokers

An explanation of the differences and requirements for co-packers and brand owners for organic processing and handling certification.

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# Storage and transport operators

An explanation of the requirements for storage and transportation operators of organic products within organic handling certification.

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# Food safety

A review of what is not covered under organic certification and additional requirements for food safety regulations.

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# Recordkeeping for processors and handlers

Common questions and a guide for major documentation requirements for processing/handling certification, including sanitation, purchasing, sourcing, batch production, shipping/receiving and materials.

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# Certification eligibility and requirements

An overview of FAQs on which food businesses are required to be certified and which are exempt from certification.

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# Co-packer Information

An overview of FAQs on co-packers.

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