Teat dips

Teat dips are classified by the Food and Drug Administration as health care products used to prevent mastitis and other prevalent diseases in milking livestock.

How do I request approval for a teat dip?

Follow the steps for adding a material to your Organic System Plan. OTCO will need time to review and approve your teat dip — or equivalent material — prior to use.

Which teat dips are eligible for use with my livestock?

Chlorhexidine is only allowed as a teat dip when alternative germicidal agents and/or physical barriers have lost their effectiveness. If you are requesting the use of a chlorhexidine-based teat dip, first you must provide clear justification for its use per the restriction.

Give a detailed explanation of issues with alternative teat dips, including how you’ve addressed aftercare such as clean bedding or cows remain in standing position following milking. Only after acceptable justification will OTCO review the proposed chlorhexidine-based teat dip.

Glycerin is allowed as a teat dip as long as it is produced through the hydrolysis of fats and oils. You will need to provide manufacturer confirmation in accordance with the process-based manufacturing restriction. Glycerin is prohibited for use as an active ingredient in all other organic livestock animal products or applications.

Iodine-based teat dips are allowed as long as all ingredients used to keep the iodine in liquid form are compliant with organic standards. All excipients are also subject to review. To establish compliance, we will require detailed information from the iodine manufacturer to determine the specific purpose of each ingredient in the product.

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