Transitional certification

Oregon Tilth offers a voluntary transitional certification for farms switching to organic.

Transitional certification (TC) can be a marketplace stepping-stone for farms working to meet the requirements for organic certification.

Can I apply for transitional certification when I first start the process?

Your land must be free of prohibited materials for at least nine (9) months before applying for transitional certification. After you complete one year of transition, you’re able to then carry a transitional certification seal. Eligible? Start your transitional certification application here.

Is transitional certification similar to organic certification?

Transitional certification teaches you the ins and outs of organic certification. The rules and standards are the same. Through firsthand experience, you’ll participate in an annual inspection and minimize the risk of non-compliance issues when applying for organic certification in the future. Transitional certification walks you through the necessary documentation required for organic certification.

Does transitional certification help me access the marketplace?

More buyers offer a premium price for products labeled as certified transitional, supporting farmers pursuing organic while creating stronger supply chains for their businesses. Additionally, it provides consumers with verification that your products meet their expectations and needs.

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