Understanding your Master Ingredient List

What is the Master Ingredient List?

The Master Ingredient List (MIL) documents all of your product’s ingredients.

Using organic certificates from your suppliers, you will be able to fill in all the information required for each ingredient to complete your MIL. This includes :

  • Issue date of the certificate
  • Organic percentage of the ingredient
  • International equivalences (as relevant)


The ingredient name on your MIL must exactly match the certificate.

How do I calculate the percentage of organic content for my ingredients?

Supplier certificates break down ingredients into three categories. This information will assist you in identifying the correct organic content percentage of each ingredient for all of your multi-ingredient products:

  • 100% Organic = 100% organic content
  • Organic = 95% organic content
  • Made with Organic = 70% organic content

How do I ensure my supplier certificates are valid?

We’ve set up a color code to see if supplier certificates and Non-Organic Ingredient Declarations (NOIDs) are up-to-date in your MIL. Submit new certificates for any ingredients close to out of date or expired, as well as for any new or updated suppliers.

The following will help you track expiration dates:

  • Orange – indicates ingredients are will soon be out of date
  • Red – indicates ingredients are out of date
  • White – indicates ingredients are current

If you use multiple-ingredient products as an ingredient, work with your supplier to obtain a manufacturer’s full list of ingredients and/or processing aids that demonstrates which are organic and which are non-organic (i.e., a specification sheet).

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