USDA National Organic Program

What information do I need to have on my organic label?

There is certain information all USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certified products must have on their labels:

  • An ingredient statement (when the product has multiple ingredients)
  • The name and address of the handler of the finished product
  • The certification agent of the handler (“Certified organic by Oregon Tilth”) listed below the handler information

Where can I find the logos I need for my label?

You can download the USDA organic seal on the USDA NOP website. Variations of the Oregon Tilth seal approved for use are on our Help Center.

What information can I choose to have on my label?

As an OTCO-certified organic processor or handler, you may use the USDA NOP organic seal as well as choose from a number of our logos. Please note that the Oregon Tilth logo may never be displayed more prominently than the USDA seal.

For other label claims, you’ll need to calculate your product’s percentage of organic content. Depending on your product’s percentage of organic content, you may (or may not) make certain organic claims on specific parts of your product label.

  • 100% Organic = 100% organic ingredients
  • Organic = 95% or more organic ingredients
  • Made with Organic = 70% or more organic ingredients

Our Organic Labeling and Composition Guide provides a quick reference for all of your labeling questions, from bulk labeled single ingredient products to complicated multi-ingredient processed products.

Can I change the color, fonts or shape of the Oregon Tilth logo?

No modifications to the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic logo are allowed.

Can I use/print labels prior to approval?

We recommend submitting your labels to OTCO before you print them — even if the change was small. Printing an unapproved label could result in a costly reprinting and repackaging job. Selling products with unapproved labels could jeopardize your certification.

Once you have finalized your label composition, submit it to OTCO for review and approval.

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