Water, salt and carbon dioxide

What do I need to know about using water and salt as ingredients in my organic product?

Water and salt are not considered or certified as “organic,” unless they are sourced as an agricultural byproduct (e.g., salt from certified organic seaweed). If you use water and/or salt in a multi-ingredient product, do not include either ingredient in your calculations for the percentage of organic contents in the product.


Our Product Formulation Sheet (download below) can help calculate the organic percentage of your multi-ingredient product.

What do I need to know about using carbon dioxide in my organic product?

If you are using naturally occurring carbon dioxide (e.g., the carbon dioxide produced in the fermentation process of kombucha) in your product, it doesn’t count as an ingredient and does not need to be included on your Product Formulation Sheet.

If you are using synthetic carbon dioxide (e.g, forced carbon dioxide in a beverage) for your product, you’ll need to account for it in the follow the following places:

  • Product Formulation Sheet
  • Master Ingredient List
  • Specification sheet (e.g., statement of purity) from the manufacturer of the carbon dioxide
  • Calculations of the percentage of organic content in the product

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