Activities covered by crop certification

Your organic crop certification covers simple processing and handling of on-farm produced crops.

What types of activities does crop certification cover?

Some sample activities covered by crop certification include: washing, drying, storing, sorting, ensiling, and packing, packaging and labeling. Additional on-farm processing activities may be included and covered with livestock certification.

Am I able to pack and label my own simple processed products?

Farms packing and labeling their own products — under their own brand, or for another brand — are eligible to do so provided it is clearly outlined in the Organic System Plan and documented appropriately.

What if my farm processes both organic and non-organic products?

Farms that process — with the exception of packaging — both organic and non-organic processed products must apply for handler certification.

Is seed cleaning a processing activity?

No, on-farm seed cleaning is considered a continuation of harvest, not processing. If the farm is a split operation seed producer, it must have adequate contamination prevention procedures in the OSP, but is not required to have handling certification.

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