International Labeling

For international organic certification programs, products must follow rigorous production and labeling requirements. In addition to seal placement, mandatory ingredient information, font size, and organic claims, the labeling of your certified product depends upon the percentage of organic ingredients in your product.


If you plan to export your product internationally please let us know when submitting your labels and product composition information. This will allow us to pre-approve your product for export and will help avoid any delays when issuing a Certificate of Inspection for your product.

You’ll need to make sure your product meets all requirements for labeling and composition for the country you’re exporting to.

Where do I submit my label for review?

Once you have finalized your international organic label composition, submit it to OTCO for review and approval prior to use. It is important to receive approval from OTCO prior to printing or using new labels to avoid costly mistakes with reprinting or repackaging your organic products.

What’s required for labeling for the Canada Organic Regime (COR)?

The COR seal may only be used on products with 95-100 percent organic content. For eligible organic products, the seal must be displayed in accordance with Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements. Check out our Canada Organic Labeling and Regulations Guide to learn about labeling COR-certified products.

Are there special labeling requirements for products exported to Canada?

When not in compliance with NOP requirements (labeled for Canada only), containers and shipping documents must be labeled “For Export Only.”

Are there special labeling requirements for product imports to Canada?

All products imported into Canada using the COR Seal must include the phrase “Imported”, “Imported From (country of origin)”, or “Product of (listed country of origin)” in close proximity to the COR seal. The required phrasing is required to be in close proximity in one instance to the seal, but may be used multiple times on the product display panel.

All imported products packaged and labeled in Canada — provided no processing steps that modify the nature of the product occur in Canada — must also include the required import designations (see above).

What’s required for labeling for the Mexico Organic Program (LPO)?

Labels for LPO-certified products must follow several requirements for each organic category. For a detailed listing for each category and full descriptions of how to use and place the SAGARPA organic seal, view our Organic and Labeling Composition Guide for Mexico Organic Regulations.

What’s required for labeling for the European Union (EU)?

Labels for EU Organic Program certified products must follow several requirements for each organic category. The European Commission offers details regarding use restrictions and high-resolution versions of the seal, in addition to a user manual. Additionally, you may review the requirements for each organic category in our Organic and Labeling Composition Guide for the EU.


OTCO does not review labels for the Food and Drug Administration or other domestic and international agencies with labeling requirements.

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