OTCO-certified farmers push for resilience and resources

February 18, 2020

In just a few hours or days, one unpredictable extreme event can threaten yields, damage infrastructure, and financially ruin a farmer. Changing climate and unstable weather puts farms’ security in increasing jeopardy.

As a member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), we are connecting with OTCO-certified farms to gather signatures on a Farmer Letter to federal policymakers on climate change actions.

We’re asking farmers to consider joining the nearly 2,000 farm operators who have already signed on to push for meaningful policy changes.

The purpose of the letter:

  • NSAC will use this letter in meetings with Congress, the USDA and other decision-makers to fight for effective policies that lessen climate change.
  • NSAC will advocate for better help for farmers and ranchers to get through the tragic climate events on our doorstep in recent years and ahead.
  • NSAC will demonstrate the importance of looking to create policies that focus on building farm resilience and adaptation in the face of a changing climate.

Please consider sharing this letter with farmers in your networks, co-participants at farmers’ markets, and more. NSAC is requesting signatures from farmers only for this campaign.

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