Education Closes the Gap Between



We help participants in our food system balance the priorities of people, productivity and the planet. Through education, we nurture promising practices that become everyday approaches that help conserve our environment, strengthen regional economies and enhance public health. We’re committed to expanding knowledge and research to develop sensible innovations for a more sustainable food future.

We focus our education approach on the following values:

+ Learning is a collaborative process.

We understand that big questions can’t be answered alone. Our education work involves farmers, processors, scientists, researchers and other partners to tackle challenges with a wide range of knowledge. Discussion and engagement are at the core of all of our efforts. We rely on our partners to strengthen impact, reduce redundancy and expand outreach. And collaboration increases access to resources and expertise for all of us.

+ Good research is inquisitive, hands-on and science-based.

The foundation for our educational work is rooted in sound research. Our efforts to bring together comprehensive data and in-the-field qualitative information pushes research to value hands-on knowledge from practitioners. Local knowledge is imperative for understanding the realities of how sound solutions transfer from paper to practice.

+ Openness to new ideas encourages innovation.

Our thirst for learning from our clients, our partners and our members allows Oregon Tilth to understand the experiences and challenges out in the field and on-the-ground.  We value how collective knowledge and ideas can shape, influence and often lead the conversation for how we can work together to design initiatives that have maximum impact. Supporting a culture of exchange aligns our work to meet the evolving needs of those we support.

+ Sustainability embraces environment and economy, together.

We believe that real gains in environmental conservation are not always in opposition to economic health. Our approach finds educational opportunities to use marketplace tools and certification to move sustainability from incentive to a standard practice for all producers.