Oregon Tilth launches new strategic plan

September 1, 2019

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new strategic plan, a blueprint to a brighter food future for people and planet, together.

Over the past few years, Oregon Tilth has experienced unprecedented growth. We now serve over 2000 clients in the U.S. and Latin America. Today, our staff is made up of 70 employees, an increase of 23 percent in the last three years.

Despite our strong growth, surveys and assessments all pointed to the same conclusion. The people that further our mission — clients and staff — felt increasingly disconnected and undervalued.

Created by the board of directors, staff, and members of our broader community, this plan pushes us to re-imagine our food system’s future. It puts clients and staff at the center of how we aim to do it. Oregon Tilth is an institution with over 40 years of history and accomplishments. All of our excellence is the result of the extraordinary people that we fondly refer to as #TilthNation. We believe in the power of organic and community-led food systems. This strategic plan is designed to put people first, recognizing and firmly supporting those who are taking on the giant food system challenges in front of us.

Guided by this strategy, our efforts will focus on:

  • Empowered clients: providing transparent, supportive and personal certification services of the highest quality and integrity.
  • Engaged staff: establishing connected, healthy and vision-oriented teams that provide opportunity and promote well-being.
  • Exemplary leadership: advancing the organic sector by incubating and accelerating biologically sound, equity-focused initiatives.

To move it forward, we will need your help. We’ll look for your input to help us realize our goals, ensuring that our impact and intention are in alignment as we attempt new things.

Now more than ever, a brighter kind of food future is needed for our communities. Oregon Tilth is committed to executing strategies to deliver our vision and care for the people who will make it happen.

Thank you for your continued dedication and partnership. This process has been exciting, uncomfortable and challenging. But we’re ready to go boldly forward, together.

More to come in the months ahead.

Chris Schreiner
Executive Director

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Email: organic@tilth.org

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