December 14, 2017 | Source: Oregon Tilth | Format: Webinar

Risky Business: Assessing Areas of Risk for Current and Potential Organic Operations

Risks are threats, but can also be opportunities in life and business. During this webinar we cover topics to help organic operations make strides in managing various potential risks. The presenters discuss risk assessment and management for organic farmers and processors, as well as transitioning, new, and long-time producers.

Special points of interest include:

  • Common stumbling blocks
  • Sourcing integrity
  • Managing equipment prone to contamination
  • Preventing compliance issues
  • Managing split production operations


  • Brian Scheel, Processing Program Assistant at Oregon Tilth
  • Colette Kraft, Certification Officer at Oregon Tilth
  • Brittany Beavers, Customer Service Assistant at Oregon Tilth

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