October 19, 2021

U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service Rulemaking Process Overview

Overview of the USDA AMS Rulemaking Process

The Sunset Review and Renewal Process: 

  • AMS announces a material is up for review. Materials are up for review every five years. 
  1. Public submits comments on the substance’s status and impact 
  2. Public meeting #1: NOSB discusses substance (no action taken) 
  3. NOSB subcommittee completes preliminary review 
  4. Public submits comments on preliminary review 
  5. Public meeting #2 NOSB completes sunset review 
  6. AMS reviews NOSB sunset review 
    1. If ⅔ of the SOB votes to remove a substance AND if AMS accepts the recommendation 
      1. Removal 1: AMS may propose to remove substance 
      2. Removal 2: Public submits comments on proposal 
      3. Removal 3: AMS publishes final rule
  7. AMS may announce renewal of substance 

The list remains active for 5 years and then is up for review again. 

The open comment period is your time to state your position and provide valuable feedback about the materials up for review. 

Stay up to date with proposed changes and rules here: https://www.ams.usda.gov/rules-regulations/proposed-rules?field_term_rules_regulations_target_id=111

See the full process here: 


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