In Good Tilth is a quarterly, ad-free magazine and online publication about making our food system and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable.

Four times per year, In Good Tilth explores issues in food and ag through original, in-depth reporting on science, social issues, public health, environment, business, food culture, and politics. Our goal is to tell positive stories about sustainability, innovation and up-and-coming solutions that address the complex challenges around food and farming.
We share each issue through print, digital and in person events. In Good Tilth is designed to start conversations and promote engagement with each other, from farmers to consumers and producers to retailers.

  • In Good Tilth Magazine
    In Good Tilth began in the late 1980’s as hand-stapled, typewritten copies of farmer-to-farmer notes. Over time, it has grown into a national publication, reaching more than 9,000 readers in print and 17,000 online. Print subscription is available with an Oregon Tilth membership, available starting at $30 annually.
  • In Good Tilth Digital
    The audio and images of In Good Tilth are brought to life online. In addition to many of the stories in the magazine, we present original videos, audio excerpts from interviews and more.
  • In Good Tilth Conversations
    In Good Tilth hosts an audio storytelling feature, bringing listeners in-depth interviews, stories and conversations with thought leaders in the food movement.
  • In Good Tilth Live!
    Keep an eye on our events calendar for In Good Tilth Live! near you. Join in the discussion and hear directly from researchers, farmers, scientists and more.

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If one were to look through all the IGT’s over the years since it was founded here on Sunbow Farm, you’d see the development of all the relationships that constitute what we call the Organic movement. Those relationships are most importantly people, soil microbes and elements, growing methodologies, and more. For over a quarter century, IGT continues to point the way for how to live balanced lives with our planet.

–Harry MacCormack, Co-Founder of Oregon Tilth