The good food movement is driven by innovators. In Good Tilth is a quarterly ad-free publication that fulfills our mission to make our food system and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable by offering original reporting while highlighting stories, research and model practices that build our food community.

In Good Tilth is a project of Oregon Tilth, which is a leading educator, advocate and certifier for organic products since 1974. We work through strategic partnerships and collaborative knowledge-sharing to find solutions that balance the needs of people and planet.

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If one were to look through all the IGT’s over the years since it was founded here on Sunbow Farm, you’d see the development of all the relationships that constitute what we call the Organic movement. Those relationships are most importantly people, soil microbes and elements, growing methodologies, and more. For over a quarter century, IGT continues to point the way for how to live balanced lives with our planet.

–Harry MacCormack, Co-Founder of Oregon Tilth