An Investment in a Different



Managing an organic business can be challenging and more expensive than its conventional counterpart. Oregon Tilth is committed to offering a wide range of competitively priced organic certification services that provide you with the highest quality customer service.

Through our certification program, Oregon Tilth works to support our nonprofit mission by certifying a large range of organic and sustainable agriculture services. We are committed to maintaining stable certification fees and being competitive while also supporting our educational, grassroots and advocacy work. All certification fees are based on your type of operation as outlined in the Oregon Tilth Fee Schedule. In general, there are two main fee types for certification and each are dependent on the services requested:

  • Annual certification fee
  • Inspection fee

The annual certification fees for certified operations are based on the gross income of certified products and are determined using the appropriate fee schedule chart.

* As of October 1, 2017, inspection deposits ($200) will no longer be required.

Calculate Certification Fees: Processors + Handlers

All new and returning clients may calculate fees online, or download the appropriate worksheet for your operation below.

If you are currently OTCO certified as a processor or handler,  download the fee worksheet to help you calculate your certification fee based on your past years gross organic sales.  If you are currently certified with another certifier and are in the process of switching to OTCO,  your fees will be based on the attached fee worksheet for first year as well.

In a rush?

Organic operations sometimes face situations that require short certification time frames. In order to serve these situations, OTCO offers an Expedited Service Request for new applicants or current clients with new additions to their system plans. For operations who wish to expedite their certification as a new applicant or to add new fields/sites or facilities to be inspected and approved, OTCO charges $1,050 for expedited services. This $1,050 is in addition to the certification fee, inspection fee and new applicant fee as previously described. If you are applying for certification under multiple classes of certification i.e. farm and processor, the $1,050 expedited service fee will apply to both classes of certification that you wish to expedite.  More information is available in the OTCO Fee Schedule.

Assistance with Certification Fees

The Certification Cost Share Program helps farmers and processors afford the expense of organic certification by refunding up to 75 percent of their certification costs per scope of operation. Learn more about the program here.

Contact Oregon Tilth at (503) 378-0690 or to receive an estimate on certification fees for your specific operation.