April 15, 2015 | Source: Oregon Tilth and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service | Format: Webinar

Reduced Tillage in Organic Specialty Crop Systems

This webinar was presented in partnership with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and focuses on research aimed at methods to improve soil health by minimizing tillage in organic vegetable systems.

The presenter describes current research at Washington State University that is exploring methods to address a significant soil health challenge in vegetable production – tillage. The discussion of methods to reduce tillage in organic specialty crop systems will include cover strip tillage, the use of a roller crimper, and the role of cover crops. Research findings compare the impacts of different techniques in terms of compaction, water infiltration, soil respiration, and other factors.


  • Doug Collins, Small Farms Educator & Soil Scientist, Washington State University

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